Handmade Soaps

Surely, one of life’s simplest pleasures is a long soak in a hot fragrant bath. Immerse yourself in some deep steamy water and wash your body ceremonially with our fragrant and beautiful handmade soap. Coconut and palm oils create clouds of rich foamy lather while olive oil and naturally retained glycerin moisturize and soften your skin. Our soap rinses clean, leaving no residue behind, just smooth soft skin. Mmm… simply wonderful.

Latter Rain fine handcrafted soap is made in the time honored cold-processed tradition. Our soaps are made with food grade vegetable oils and are either water, tea or beer based. We use high grade essential and fragrance oils, oxides and pigments and botanicals for a wholesome green clean. There is also a variety of soaps with fragrance oil and half a dozen soaps with no added fragrance or color for those with sensitive skin. Soaps may include exotic butters and oils, clay or pumice. Look for the ingredients added to our base oils blend in each soap description. Our bars are a generous 4 ounces. Each soap label includes a different inspirational quote to bless you… body and soul.